Sasuke in next Episode

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"Anyway, Muro-chin, you seem pretty fired up."
"Because I didn’t play in the Inter-High. I’m so excited to play against Taiga and your friends, I can’t help myself."

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may you rest in peace, Ken Kaneki

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this whole situation could have been avoided if Kaneki Ken was gay

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get to know me - male characters [1/5] Akashi Seijuro

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This scene makes me really sad…



Because Rin is doing his normal speech that always makes him so many new friends…


But none of it is translating to the Australian kids…


And he just looks so lost when it doesn’t work…


He keeps trying…. But then when he tries to tell the other kids about something that was really important to him…


They still don’t connect with him….


And he ends up feeling so alone….


I’m drowning in my tears.

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Rin. I've found it, too.
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24 weeks & 4 days

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From the KuroBasuke exhibit atop Sunshine 60.

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Rin introducing himself in English.

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Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know what’s responsible for Haru’s new found dream — Aussie ass.

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i haven’t been watching free! but i just saw a pic of haru standing on a Sydney starting block and my heart i feel so proud even tho its not actually happening 

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Something inexplicable swims in my chest once again. Is this l̾o̾v̾e as well? Or is it d̾i̾f̾f̾e̾r̾e̾n̾t? Or am I perhaps still ḃṙṏḲḕṆ?  

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Make sure to tell mom, when you get there... 
Tell her that she doesn't need to worry about me!
I'm doing my best!
Happy Birthday Maru!♥(˘⌣˘ C)
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