i’m sorry u haven’t been feeling too well! so i drew u a megane!akashi thing in hopes that it might cheer u up a little (despite its flaws ; v ;) and i wanna let u know that i love u bunches, along with what u do with ur colors and whatnot c: <3


OOMFG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! i love it so much ;A; megane akashi is one of my favs ;A; omg ur so sweet i dont no what to say i wanna hug u so bad (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ im so happy rn djfhjkdhfkdfdkjfdk how do i show u how happy u made me ゚.:。+゚(●→‿ฺ←●)乂(๑→∀←๑)゚.:。+゚ i love uso much sobs

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